Dear IMRA members,
 How are you doing?
I’m Seong-Ryong Lee, the acting president for IMRA.I hope everything is gong well to you all. 

Last  week, we have the organizing committee meeting of IMRA in Daegu. As you know Dr.  Jae-Ryong Kim was the chairperson of organizing committee. However, he resigned  as the chairperson of committee of IMRA at the last meeting. He didn't want to keep the duty anymore because of his tight schedule.

Since we have the proposal  of the IMRA meeting time as the June-July from UAB and Taiwan, there was no holding the organizing committee. Anyway, I apologize for delaying in response and inconvenience to you IMRA members for the meeting schedule. Therefore, I will undertake a task as the chairperson of the organizing committee of IMRA meeting after Jae-Ryong Kim.

Let me hurry and help each other for IMRA. As you read e-mail from Dr. Tanaka last month, Dr. Koichi Tanaka proposed the October for IMRA meeting schedule and Dr. Kai-Che Jack Liu who is Director, R & D, IRCAD, Taiwan agreed with his suggestion. I would appreciate the agreement of Taiwan. As a new chairperson of organizing committee, I would suggest the holding of IMRA meeting on October.

Dr. Koichi Tanaka said “Taiwan IRCAD will be  holing a 5 year anniversary ceremony in this October. Therefore, it would be good for them to have IMRA 2013 meeting in this timing together (October) so that the necessary preparation can be done with sufficient time”.

I really want to meet all of you the IMRA members in this October. Please discuss  and fix the date among October for IMTA meeting in Taiwan. I really hope we would give a chance for Taiwan, the new IMRA member to host IMRA in their first year. 
I look forward to hearing from you. Many Thanks.

Best  Regards,
Seong-Ryong Lee, MD, PhD
Acting  President and Chairperson of Organizing Committee for IMRA
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Brain Research Institute
School  of Medicine, Keimyung University
Daegu,  Korea

+82-10-4518-7478 9





Dear IMRA members

Hello everyone

We took 2013 IMRA General Assembly Meeting on 02/27/2013 in Korea and would like to announce several issues discussed in the meeting.

1.      The results of IMRA meeting and the agreement act are summarized in the attached file entitled “6.130227_ Annual_General_Assembly_Meeting(result)”.

2.      We are planning to send a USB flash drive including the presentation files used in 2012 Kobe meeting to all IMRA members. Please verify that your name and address are correct on our file.

3.      We will open an IMRA official website soon. If you did not file your contents for the website yet, please provide the following information; (1.    Name of Institution; 2. Greetings (if necessary); 3.    History; 4.    General Information (something unique); 5.    Contact Information; 6.    a representative photo).

Sincerely yours

IMRA President
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